A Vibe Called Chels

A Vibe Called Chels was established in 2020 with the hope to spread positive vibes, affirmations and the flyest accessories. Founded by ChelseaMo of MoMackStylesA Vibe Called Chels has been on the heart of ChelseaMo, with hopes of finding the "right time" to launch. However, the pandemic has reminded ChelseaMo that "life has unexpected changes, so grind for your hearts desire".


At A Vibe Called Chels is here to provide the perfect pieces to your already unique closet, while providing a positive affirmation-vibe & message.

mission statement

Purposefully Pushing Positivity: A Vibe Called Chels is missioned to spread fashionable reminders, whilst pushing positive vibes.

vision statement

A Vibe Called Chels is a place of affirmations and encouragement. We use our unique style to send out a message without words spoken. 

Value statement

  • We are committed to providing effective customer service

  • We are committed to inspiring and positively influencing our community

  • We are committed to normalizing affirmations and positive “self-talk”, making it easier to spread the positive energy throughout our community.This is more than just a brand, it is a lifestyle - a vibe.

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